Quick Party Makeup 3 ways

October 31, 2016

So, party season's coming up, whether it be Christmas or going clubbing in town with your mates,
here are 3 eye makeup looks, that take 10 minutes max to achieve aimed, at all abilities :)

Look 1: All Over Bronze

Difficulty: Easy

This is such an easy, quick, last minute look anyone can pull off :) All you need is a bronze eyeshadow such as Smog in the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, or the dupe by MUA that I used - shade 7 in their Undressed Palette. I applied this all over my lid and under the lash line as well as around the inner corner to make it more smokey, using an angled blending brush similar to the E70 brush by Sigma (although you could use your fingers as you are applying this all over your lid). To deepen the look I applied a brown pencil eyeliner to my waterline and upper and lower lash line - I used the MUA pencil eyeliner in Rich Brown.  See easy peasy but looks like it took ages.

Look 2: Smokey Glitter

Difficulty: Pretty easy, just more steps :)

A little more glam and takes longer, though still speedy, this look requires a light brown, dark brown and glittery eyeshadow. First blend the light brown eyeshadow (I used Benefit's Soft Shoulder, annoyingly discontinued cause I LOVE it... an alternative is NYX's Nude Matte Shadow in Dance the Tides or MakeUp Obsession's eyeshadow in E112 Ginger) into your crease with a fluffy brush. Then blend a dark brown shadow into the outer third of your eye and blend into your lower lash line to smoke it out further. Add further layers for your preferred intensity. I used Benefit's Fishnets which is again discontinued; alternatives are Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in Rich Brown or NYX's Nude Matte Shadow in Betrayal. Then pack glitter onto the inner ⅔ of the eye, round the inner corner and on the inner ⅓ of the lower lash line. I used Suspect in Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette, but a dupe (for the whole palette) is MakeUp Revolution's Iconic 2 Palette. You could use a brown pencil in the waterline to deepen the look further, but I left it out, cause if you're coming back in the early hours of the morning, the last thing you want to do is remove eyeliner carefully from your waterline, so I'm showing how it looks without as it is so much easier to remove 😂.

Look 3: Focal Point Liner

Difficulty: Much harder than the other two, depends on how comfortable you are using eyeliner, and will take up the full 10 minutes.

May I introduce to you the best eyeliner I have ever done in my life!! Inspired by the eyeliner look Sam uploaded on PixiWoo this week (although I was planning on creating a look like this anyway), this is ideal for those whose eyeliner gets accidentally too thick when trying to even it out and can go with any lip colour you want!

Lip Colour: Rimmel Apocalips in 304 Eclipse

Lip Colour: Discontinued (or at least since repackaged) H&M Lipstick in Love That Red. 
Any true red is a dupe for this (i.e. not cool (blue) or warm (orange) toned)

Lip Colour: Rimmel Apocalips in 600 Nude Eclipse

To create this I took my trusty Soap and Gory Supercat Pen Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I started by mapping out the wing drawing a line as a continuation of my lower lash line. I then created a wing from this line by drawing a line from near the top of the line to somewhere along the inner ⅓ of my lash line (I normally finish in the middle of my lash line so this will thicken the wing). To fill in the wing as I drew that second line I used the edge of the pen, not the tip - I will do a video on this one day by the way because this is so hard to explain :) - and then went back with the tip of the pen to fill in any gaps. Using the tip of the pen I followed the inner lash line, extending it past my tear duct until it was in line with the bottom of my tear duct where I then connected the liner to my lower lash line. This creates the pointed inner corner that I went back and filled in. I then took a black pencil eyeliner (in this case, my favourite Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in 01 Intense Black) and placed it in my water line, smudging it onto my lower lash line so the pencil smoothly joined the base of the liquid liner cat flick. TaDa! You're done.

My base makeup stayed the same for all three looks:

Primer: I didn't use primer as I was wearing this to photograph, not to actually go out in - hence the jumper. However, a good primer and/or setting spray is essential to help your makeup last all night :)
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer over the top of the concealers in the MUA Conceal and Brighten Kit
Eye Primer: MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (waterproof version)
Contour/blush colour: Benefit eyeshadow in Soft Shoulder
Brow Powder: Shade 3 in Avon's Tiger Eye's Palette (discontinued as limited edition, yet to find a dupe, let me know if you know of one cause I don't know what I'm gunna do when I run out 😭)
Brow Gel: Collection Colour Lash Mascara in 1. Clear

Hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to tag me in your recreations on Instagram! What was you're favourite? Any requests for other party looks? Colour themes, styles of look. Let me know below :D 

June xx

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