We Have Lift Off!

October 07, 2016

Who’d have thought it, little old me, entering the blog-o’sphere! Firstly,  I would like to take the time to thank you, one and all (oo formal, wasn’t expecting that, feel like I should be accompanying this with a champagne emoji- what has the modern age made us eh?!) for taking the time to read this brand new blog and joining me on this journey...

I have wanted to be a beauty-themed online creator for 7 years of my life (bloomin’ heck thats formal...) mainly as a YouTuber (a door still waiting to be opened) and more recently as a blogger. My interest in makeup started young -I was three and removed my doll’s eyelashes with my mum’s mascara bwahaha- and I couldn’t wait for the day where I could start wearing make up myself. I was given my first lipstick at around 8 or 9 (Cheers Auntie) and my obsession has grown ever since. From then on you would find me doing the make up for shows my friends and I would put on for our parents, and watching makeup Youtubers when the site was still more known for ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ and the ‘Sneezing Panda’ than Zoella and Pewdiepie. I have been an anonymous viewer for years, not having a channel to comment with, but have had the pleasure to watch YouTube grow into the phenomenon it is today. I’ll probably do a post dedicated to my YouTube/make up journey one day, but for now I just want to shout out BubzBeauty and Michelle Phan for being the first influencers I watched properly and who are awesome (though you probably know who they are, so they hardly need a shout out haha). 

I’ve been playing with make-up for donkey’s years

So why blogging? Well I suppose I must admit that I do not read as many blogs as I should for a beginner blogger (so lets just see this as me not being influenced too much by other users haha) but for someone just starting out and not brave enough to initially put her face out in video format, as well as trying to balance university work, it seemed like the best initial step. Also, as I struggle to articulate myself properly on camera (believe me, I have done many ‘YouTube’ videos over the years, currently for my eyes only as I know how bad they are...) things such as reviews and advice posts suit me better in a text format. 

Finally, the thing we’ve all been waiting for, what to expect from this blog? As you’ve probably guessed it will be mainly beauty based. Expect make up looks, reviews and tutorials as well as the odd dupe comparison (student budget here!). But as we all know beauty goes way beyond our exterior. I hope to write Agony Aunt style and motivational posts to inspire and make the world a little brighter in what seem like sometimes darker times :) These posts will be called the help-desk and I hope to include your own queries to answer your questions about life, the universe and everything (I promise the answer won’t be 42 haha). See my contact me page for how to send me a question.

June Konrad x

*cuts red tape*

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