A reflection on 2016...

December 31, 2016

Ah what a year eh?! Brexit and Trump is obviously the headline of the year, but beyond that what has happened? Well, to reflect on my year, major changes have happened in my life in all sorts of ways. I finished my A Levels and headed off to university to study history. This has been the biggest thing in my year and caused me to over come all sorts of hurdles and this will form the majority of this post...

I am not an extrovert by any stretch of the imagination. I see myself more as an ambivert leaning towards introversion. Yes I am, when you first meet me, shy, of few words, quiet, and yet I can be massively extroverted and loud once you get to know me and I feel comfortable within my surroundings. University for me was where all the extroverts of the world lived, the party goers, the alcohol bathers, the loud people. A situation I could never see myself being happy in, let alone enjoying! This means I have been terrified of going for as long as it became something in my foreseeable future. However, 4 months down the line of starting and I can honestly call university some of the most enjoyable months of my life so far. I have already made friends I hope I will still know 50 years down the line from now and have never laughed so often and so hard! University forced me to face my fears head on, from encountering new situations on a daily basis to calling up companies on the phone to sort out issues, because the parents are no longer there to take on my responsibilities for me. I mean I was sorting out a problem with M.A.C. customer services the other day, something I could not have done 4 months ago! I have also got train travel down to a T having had to use it so much in the past term. One day I'll get round to writing a guide to university for non-drinkers/non-extroverts, but I probably need to have completed my first year before being 'qualified' to talk about these things haha - look out for that next summer and start sending me your questions and fears you want me to address in the mini-series! 

My other achievement of the year was starting this blog! I have wanted my own online creative beauty outlet (if that's what you want to call it) since I was 11 and first discovered the world of the online beauty community on YouTube (something I am considering going into next year - YouTubeing that is), so watch this space! While it may still be early days and I haven't got an publish routine etc going yet because I'm trying to work out how to balance it with uni work, I have loved having an outlet for all my ideas :) I also got a new phone for Christmas (the Moto G4 FYI) so look out for slightly better photo quality haha!

And who's to forget that this was the year of Potter?? With an amaaazing new film (which I only saw the other day (hangs head in shame) and an announced 4 more to come I am so hyped for more potter filled years! And on my last day of term I won tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child through the Friday Forty giveaway on only my 2nd attempt!!!! Ohmydays it was the best thing ever!! I won't give away any spoilers obviously, but the special effects are incredible, the theatre itself is beautiful and gah! I loved every second. If you are lucky enough to get seats in the stalls like I was (as the Friday Forty Tickets are reduced best seats), then the experience is heightened further. If you've seen it, you know what I mean :) I really hope that they release a DVD of it in the next couple of years so everyone gets the opportunity to see it as well as read it :)

So here's to focussing on the positives of such a weird year!

What were the highlights of your 2016? Lets have a natter in the comments 😊

Happy New Year!

June xx

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