The Chop: My Hair Donation Story

December 15, 2016

So as Christmas is a month of charity, I thought I would share my charitable moment of the year 😊

I cut my hair earlier this year. Not a trim, but a full 13 inches... Its funny because for the past 8 years I had wanted as long hair as I could get my hands on, and at its longest, it reached the bottom of my back. 10 year old me would have been delighted and want to keep going. But not 18 year old me. hair getting stuck in coat zips and falling into my food all the time makes long hair less fun and games and more of a pain. Also, I always pulled my hair to one side then pull it back round the other a little to cover my ears and it started to form this cool lob shape. I wanted that lob cut. But what to do with all that excess hair? Donation seemed like the obvious choice for me so my charity search began. I knew of The Little Princess Trust already, but ideally wanted to donate it to wigs for alopecia because my aunt has the condition so I have seen the impact wigs can have for those with it. However, with zero luck I decided to donate to the Little Princess Trust instead who create wigs for children who have suffered hair loss through illness (i.e. cancer treatment). While you can ask people to sponsor you so you can raise money for the charity at the same time, the day I did it was so last minute (i.e. organised a week before, there seemed little point. You can donate to their website if you would like here: The process was super easy and my hairdresser had loads of fun plaiting my hair and cutting it off in one chop 😂. If you are thinking of donating your hair I would definitely recommend it - just remember to take a tape measure so you know how much you're taking off, we had to borrow one from a lady in the hairdressers XD. Now for some before and after pictures hehe!

The faux-lob I was aiming for
Look how long my hair used to be - it was a struggle to get it all in shot XD
I didn't know I owned so much! And that was it plaited XD

The lady at the postoffice had to ask what I was posting - she didn't seem at all shocked about hair being sent off XD 

If you are interested in donating your hair, you can donate as little as 7 inches (which is not very much at all). See here for more details -

If you would like to donate instead see here:

Merry Christmas!!

June xx

P.S. Sorry for not posting in a while, while I have loads of posts planned for my favourite time of the year, uni and essays happened. Sorry. I will be home this Saturday though so be prepared for a large amount of posts coming your way very soon (as long as I don't take a month long hibernation😂...)

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