Prom Week: Sultry One Shadow Look

June 14, 2017

Why do I always stroke my beard in thought in photos 😂 

So this look is one of the easier ones, but looks super complicated. I wasn't sure whether to class this as a prom look or not, as it isn't your conventional prom look, but hey, we can't have a week of the same old uninspiring smokey eyes can we?! (she says, uploading yet another smokey eye - one more and then something different to end the week ok?) However, these one eye-shadow looks are fab for people who aren't as experienced at applying makeup, and still want to look super chic. Modern, with perfection being anything but the aim, for you teens going to prom, I hope to show that you don't have to spend a fortune on 20 eyeshadows to create a beautiful makeup look. Invest in one beautiful eyeshadow over 20 so-so palettes and you'll be good to go (although of course you can use a single drugstore shadow for this as well - I'd check out Makeup Obsession if you're in the UK, they have an amazing range of eyeshadow singles, that are apparently good quality!). Like with yesterday's post, this look can be pulled off with different colours, I just went with bronze because, 1 - this shadow is one of my favs, and 2- the shadow goes with all dresses (though maybe not pastels)

The Star of the Show

So this eyeshadow, from the MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette (called Antiqued) is blooming' gorgeous - and that's saying something, seeming as it sits in the same palette as my fav Star Violet (if you have me on Instagram (and if you don't, then why ever not?! Go add me now: @rougebyjunekonrad) then you know I rave about Star Violet haha). It's super pigmented and the most sultry burnt colour ever, perfect for this sort of look. If your looking through your own collection for colours that would work on their own, look for one with good pigment and a creamy texture as it's easier to smudge everywhere, and potentially a shimmer eyeshadow that has a matte effect around the edges when blended out onto the eyelid as this gives the effect of multiple eyeshadows having been used. 

Other - cheaper - eyeshadows that would suit the job include: 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze (cream and stick products are PERFECT for this sort of look!) 
Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow in E111 Cosmo (from the pic online it looks SUPER SIMMILAR to antiqued)

I realise that they are both bronze, but look through your own collection and have a play - see what colours you can pull off :) I have a feeling a super deep navy or the on trend burnt red tones (think ABH Modern Renaissance and Huda Beauty Palettes) would look GORGEOUS!

Enough rambling June! How do I recreate this look?!

Right sorry. Well, you will need two brushes for this (like yesterday's look - mainly cause they're the only eye brushes I brought with me to uni *hangs head in shame*....) a small detail brush and a large fluffy brush, or - even better - a small fluffy brush which has enough precision to do the job of both brushes in one go :) Basically, apply the eyeshadow where you want it with the flat, detail brush, and blend out with the fluffy brush! Apply all over the lid, smoke it out beyond the crease slightly, then circle round to connect to the lower lash line, using the detail brush to drag product along the lower lash line. Don't worry about being messy- that's the beauty of these unkempt, 'lived in' looks :) 

To finish off and bring together, line your waterline (including the inner corner as this closes and darkens the eye) and top lash line (I would say tight line but normally product on your waterline naturally transfers onto your upper lash line so it's generally not needed 😊). As you're applying it on your water line, smudge the pencil messily to below the lashes to smoke it out and add to it's umkempt-ness. Be sure to get product in between the base of the lash to avoid an awkward gap between eyeliner on the lower lash line and product on the water line. Again, messiness is key. If you have a pencil brush you could use this to smoke it out further, but this can sometimes reduce the intensity of the colour. Then follow the liner in the waterline on to the lid to create a wing - you want it to be more of a block, stubby wing to an elongated one as you don't want to cut through the edge of the eyeshadow and take away from the blending and smudged effect :) As I keep saying - MESSINESS IS KEY!

Here come the selfies!!

I forgot to take glasses photos again! I am so sorry - tomorrow I'll get back on it! 


Full Product List

Base Makeup 

- Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
- For blush I lightly used the bronzer from the limited edition (i.e. discontiued) Per Una Speziale palette... (similar, cheaper alternative)
For brows, I used my usual mix of Shade 3 from the discontinued Avon Tiger Eyes Palette, and the Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara

I didn't use primer cause I was taking it off as soon as I was done, and my normal one (the NYX Born to Glow Illuminating Primer) probably isn't the most photograph friendly)... Generally with unkempt looks, I personally feel the skin should be equally as simple with a dash of colour, but nothing too intense such as defined contouring. Like with yesterday, I used bronzer over a pink toned blush to pull the look together, and because I felt a pink blusher wouldn't look right - this sort of look calls for a sun kissed glow if you ask me :)  

Eye Makeup

- MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer
- MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette in Antiqued
- Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in 01 Blackened Black (for a cheaper alternative, try the MUA pencil eyeliners - you basically want a pencil thats easy to blend, as this means that it's easier to get the smudgy look)
- Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Extra Black


- Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Lipstick in Naked Talent
- Topped with a little bit of Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Tiger Eye to reduced the pink in it (not that it helped - it looks pink because my lips were redder than normal cause I'd just removed the red lipstick from yesterday's look. I'd applied concealer to my lips to try and reduce the staining the H&M lipstick had caused but that only gave it a barbie pink look 😂...)

I hope you enjoyed today's look, and I'll see you here tomorrow. If you wear one of these looks, be sure to tag me in the so I can like them :) I'm @rougebyjunekonrad on Facebook and Instagram!

June xx

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