Am I a Hypocrite?

July 31, 2017

Brace yourselves, this is about to get a bit deep and confusing...

If you are a follower of my Instagram (and if not, why not?! Go now, click here!) then you will be familiar with my #nomakeupmonday series. If you don't follow me, then it''s pretty self explanatory. Every Monday, I upload a picture of my bare face as a reminder to anyone reading that they are beautiful with or without a face of makeup and to encourage people to be happy with their bare face. Whether I've broken out in spots, have something in my teeth that I only notice post-shot or my pose is rather odd (I try to only take one shot to escape the perfection Instagram's known for) I brave the judgements of the internet and stick my slightly awkward bareface on the web for ever. 

#nomakeupmonday • • Oh look a half decent picture for a change- maybe the secret is taking it at the last minute cause you didn't realise it was Monday😂... • • We're also joined by a good ol' spot today- and yet this is a decent pic of me. Why? Because blemishes do not reduce your beauty or define who you are :) Cover them if you want, but they don't make you less of a person if you decide not to smother them in concealer. Yes, sometimes it's hard to accept the things we are told are flaws, but these things come in time and the best thing to do is to catch yourself everytime you name something as a flaw and tell yourself it is normal, perfect and who cares. Yes, I know it's hard, but the more you get into this mentality, the easier it becomes- self love takes time and is totally worth it in the end 😊😊 #lifelessonoftheday • • #nomakeup #makeupfreemonday #makeupfree #smile #glasses #selflove #lifelesson #bareface #blogger #bblogger #studentblogger #yourebeautiful
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I am facing a predicament. As a makeup lover, is this a message I can truly shout about? On the whole, I use makeup as a past time, something I enjoy, a creative outlet. I love playing with eyeshadow, braving the menace of eyeliner and trying out cool colours of lipstick.

But, the other day I covered my spots... 

So what? You may ask. It's just makeup. You are truly comfortable sharing your bare face so you aren't lying to your followers when you tell them these things each week. Yes, this is true. I hardly wear makeup these days out of sheer laziness cause I hate taking it off and feel generally uninspired. But covering spots is different in my head. I only wore concealer. Nothing else. It didn't form part of an over all look. It was me covering up something I have been told is an imperfection and should be hidden from the world. It wasn't creative, or me playing around like a child with a paint set. It was me, conforming to societies standards of beauty, because I felt that they were so red and stood out so much that they would look bad for work. The next day, I didn't conceal my spots, for work or anybody, and whilst they distracted me when I caught my reflection (mainly out of temptation cause I really wanted to pop them- I'm a terror I know), no-one else batted an eyelid. This means I can't use the excuse of needing to conceal my spots for work.

So yeah. That's my issue. Can I speak of rocking a bare face no matter what's on it, when I too sometimes fall into the trap of concealing them for wanting to look better? I'm obviously looking way too deep into a pretty trivial topic (welcome to me, a prime example of an over thinker), but I think the point is still a valid one in as much as starting a conversation, cause I'm intrigued about what you guys think. Obviously this is not the end of the #nomakeupmonday series. I'm still 100% at peace with how my face looks, no matter how even or uneven it looks and would never want to stop a project that aims to help others. Furthermore, I am an advocate of doing what makes you happy and if I felt happier for attempting to make my skin a little more even, is that a bad thing when deep down I wouldn't have minded if I hadn't had time to do that before I walked out the door? But, then again, is it bad that I felt happier covering my spots when I'm telling everyone else that you should be equally happy no matter what's on your face (and to be honest, on the whole I am)? At the end of the day, the message of the posts is that with or without makeup you look beautiful, so provided that I am comfortable with my bare face, surely there is nothing wrong with covering a few spots every so often? 

I dunno, writing this post has helped clear up in my mind that maybe I'm not as much as a hypocrite as I thought when I started writing. If anything, it just shows that no-one can follow even their own advice to the letter all the time - we are all perfectly imperfect after all. But I would still love to know your thoughts.

Can a makeup wearer also be an advocate for bare face beauty? 

Philosophical I know- maybe I'm doing the wrong degree...

June xx

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  1. This is a really interesting topic! I understand overthinking it because it's not all black and white. I also sometimes wonder if using makeup as a confidence booster is a good/bad thing - on the one hand it's great if covering spots or dark circles makes you feel more confident, but still relying on something external to give you confidence might not be the best thing (I'm guilty of this!).

    At the end of the day, everybody should feel like they can do whatever they want or don't want with makeup because it's their decision. I also think it's absolutely fine for a makeup wearer to advocate bare-faced beauty. I think quite a few too many people think of makeup for only purposes of beautification and forget that there are other reasons people wear it (creativity, fun etc).

    Belle in Black and White

    1. Totally agree! Everyone should always do whatever they feel like with makeup - it's their face no-one else's :) Thank you for such an insightful comment <3

      June x