My Mid-Year Favourites 2017

July 01, 2017

As I don't buy many things that often, it is hard to put together a monthly favourites post for you all. However, not wanting to let this beauty influencer clichΓ© escape me, and seeming as we are now half way through the year (cue me sounding old beyond my years by yapping on about where the time went), I thought I would share with you what I have been loving for the first half of 2017. It was super super hard to narrow it down to a top 10 list so I gave in and did 14 πŸ˜‚. Enjoy! 

p.s. I have added hyperlinks to the headings of products that you can still buy/I could find online :) (None of these links are affiliate links btw)

1) MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette

The pigmentation of Antiqued and Star Violet is what makes this palette. I have been raving about them on Instagram non-stop and am basically IN LOVE. From someone used to cheaper eyeshadows, I now know the quality I have been missing out on- no prizes for guessing what my next pay-check is going on! I constantly reached for this palette to create gorgeous, pink toned day and evening looks over the last 6 months, and know it will be a firm favourite for a long time to come.

You can read my full review/first impressions of the palette here.

2) Real Techniques Accent Brush (part of a set)


Despite it's size making you think you wouldn't use this brush that often, I have been reaching for this brush constantly. It is the perfect width to quickly smudge eyeshadow on the bottom lashline for a smokey eye, and I love using it to intensely pack on shimmery products on the centre of the lid. It is also handy for applying eyeshadow in precise, small areas of the eye such as the inner corner or outer V. This brush can nearly do it all!

To read my initial thought on the brush, and the set it came with, click here.

Didn't realise how creased this was, please excuse :)

Now I'm not being over the top when I say that, before this purchase, I owned too many formal dresses, and no casual ones. I mean I still own too many formal dresses that I love but hardly wear, but I really didn't own any casual summer dresses. I made it my mission to buy one this year, and the blazing heat of the last month gave me the perfect opportunity! This dress from H&M is exactly what I was looking for: a nice SIMPLE (which is so hard to find among the unnecessary 'on-trend' frills and super low necklines) floral dress, thin, flowy, perfect for summer and keeping cool in warmer days. Paired with a denim jacket, this is a PERFECT, day time summer dress and a summer staple.

4) Clarks Alania Posey Shoes in Sand Nubuck

As someone with weird feet (there's a size different between them) buying shoes - especially summer shoes - is a nightmare. Cue memories of spending an hour in shoe shops going through piles of school shoes and being left with the 3 ugliest ones to choose from. As much as I would love to wear cute slip on flats, I have come to accept that this simply isn't possible for me. However, what other styles of pretty, day time, non-sandal shoes are there for the summer? Well, these cute lace-ups are one option! Once I had worn down the backs of them enough so they stopped ripping the backs of my ankles to shreds - true story - I have grown to love them. The cute cut out detailing makes them more feminine than your traditional brogue, and the neutral colour means they go with basically anything - they are now a summer staple (if you haven't started already, drink whenever I say 'summer staple' XD)

5) Lottie London Nail Polish in Road Trip

If you have paid close attention to my Instagram, then you will be familiar with this product. My go-to accent nail colour for basically every nail design I have done all year, I bloomin' love this product. Yes it chips easily, but the glitter is so intense (in comparison to some, where there is hardly any glitter to the amount of clear polish) that I don't mind. I mean for the price alone (currently £2.99) this should be making it's way into your Superdrug shopping basket in the next 10 seconds! From the size of the range on Superdrug's website (3) it looks like the company might be phasing their nail polishes out, so grab it while you can!

6) Pull&Bear Coat 

so soooooffftttttttt 😍

This was the year I finally got myself a spring/summer coat. I normally just do with an old dark green one all year round, but enough was enough and I got something lighter. I'd heard about Pull&Bear but never tried anything from them, so armed with my UniDays student discount and having found the perfect coat, I went ahead and purchased this beauty. This coat is super soft and in a speckled/fleckled design (I think that's the right term), meaning that if you look closely there are a variation of different shades of dusty pink that make up the coats material. The  pockets - although without a zip - are HUGE! Yes, us women finally have big enough pockets to not need a handbag 😊😊. Although thin, it does offer a bit of warmth, as on warmer days I have been too hot wearing it. I know this, like the shoes, will be in my summer wardrobe for many a year, so look out for this hitting my Instagram a lot in the next few months and then reappearing March 2018! (edit- this is British summer we're talking about, make that one hour of surprisingly warm weather in June πŸ˜‚)

7) Outlander

THIS. PROGRAMME. IS. AMAZING! I'm a bit late on this bandwagon; I discovered it on Amazon Prime when packing to come home from Uni at Easter, following my friend recommending it. A period drama (so as a history student and period drama lover, as well as someone looking to fill the gap Downton Abbey left behind, I was bound to love it), the premise is a woman who travels back in time from the 1940s to the 1700s and finds herself rebuilding her life in Scotland during the time of the Scottish Rebellion led by Bonny Prince Charlie. Originally on Amazon Prime (with series 3 coming out this September - I can't wait!) I saw an ad for it being shown on More4 in the UK starting this week- so now there's no excuse not to watch it! 

8) Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Naked Talent

I have found my perfect nude! A slightly more toffee/warmer tone to my actually lips and of a more natural sheen finish to a matte one, it is now my go to lip shade, and a gorgeous all-year-round colour. While it doesn't last all day, it's close enough to my actually lip colour that it isn't obvious it's faded. It took a good 45+ minutes of searching Superdrug and Boots, swatching every lip colour under the sun, to find, and was totally worth it! While it was slightly more expensive at £9, it was worth every penny - well apart from the fact that the inner and outer tube of the cap have separated meaning the outer cap can slide off when ever it wants. But that's my only complaint, so go buy!

9&10) Necklaces from LisaAngel (silver one)and Warren James (rose-gold one).

Please excuse the wild hair XD

Super dainty, short and simple (i.e. the sort of jewellery I like - my friends know me well hehe) these are gorgeous pieces and having one gold one and one silver one means I have a necklace for every outfit. I put them together cause I couldn't decide between them, they're both great! The gold one is super elegant and features swarovski crystals, whilst the other one is two metallic peas in a pod cause the person who gave this to me and I are as close as two peas in a pod hehe (I'm the pink one, obviously).

11) Primark Throw

This is one of the best buys I made this year. In my first term of university my heating was broken and because I was using a summer duvet in November (cause it's the most versatile), I got super cold at night. In need of an extra layer I popped into town and found this beauty. Super fluffy on one side, and silky smooth on the other, it's great for snuggling under on a cold day. And at only £15 don't look anywhere else, cause I doubt you can get throws much cheaper! Oh, and the fluffy side makes for a good background for product pictures for Instagram haha. Primark have a huge variety of throws to choose from and I think you can get some there for even cheaper than this! 

12) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Featuring two types of bristle, the wand allows for the most control in the type of lash you want.

I have repurchased this mascara a good 4 times now. It gives great volume and length making it wonderfully versatile. I wouldn't recommend the waterproof one, purely because my lashes suffered a lot from removing it (though this is the same for most waterproof mascaras) but it's non-waterproof sister is fab! Click here for my full review.

13)  MissGuided Bag/Clutch 

Received this as a birthday present and finally got round to trying it the other week. If you carry a lot on your nights out, then this bag will be perfect for you. The right size to hold 3 phones and then some (just don't go telling everyone or they'll give you their stuff and leave their bags at home!), it's detachable chain strap means you have the option of holding it or wearing it on your shoulder.

14) The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Book series of the year for me! I'm rubbish at doing synopses, but it's a fantasy novel where basically a girl find out she has magic powers, then goes on to try and defeat an evil 'magician' from destroying the world. Doesn't sound amazing when it's put like that, but it is!! If you loved the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan (which is one of my all time favourite series), then you'll love this! 



What products have stood out for you this year so far? Let me know in the comments below; I LOVE discovering new things to try!  

June xx

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