About Me

Hi, my name is June Konrad and welcome to my little section of the internet. At 11 years old my life changed when I discovered the beauty community on Youtube. Instantly drawn in by the likes of BubzBeauty and Michelle Phan, I watched Youtube expand into the empire it is now for 7 years until (FINALLY) creating my own beauty outlet (this blog) in 2016. Following my love of makeup first found when I was 4 and removed my doll’s eyelashes with my mum’s mascara, I create both wearable and Avant Garde Make Up looks with the odd look book thrown in to mix it up a bit. I also review products and give advice with the help of my followers in a series I like to call “the Help-Desk”. 

Why 'Rouge'?:  I've wanted a beauty channel or blog since I started watching YouTube, and since I was 13 it was always going to be called BeatzBeau. However, now I'm older I wanted something chicer (although BeatzBeau was much better than captain beauty which I found scribbled in a notepad somewhere 😂). For the last few months I've been racking my brains, from Beautopia (the name of many salons and a hair care brand) to Beauty's Agony Aunt, and then (in the bathroom, as with all good eureka moments) I realised that I really just wanted one word, like Vogue. Using this as a starting point, Rouge suddenly popped into my head, a classic name for blusher and also French for red (double chic!). I have thought about creating an online beauty magazine if this blog took off, and Rouge is a magazine worthy name that I could then link back to my blog. I dunno, it sounded cool. My backup incase that name was taken was Kohl, if your interested hehe.

What do I want to achieve from this blog?: to help people appreciate their real beauty and develop their inner beauty. I feel like I have learnt so much through my teen years through YouTube and enjoy giving advice so much, that it would be a shame not to use my potential influence through this website to help people be happy with themselves, and encourage their inner beauty to shine bright (like a diamond, hehe). Obviously I will delve into regular makeup tutorials and looks, because I also want this to be my creative outlet, but for me my work will be done if I can help someone see themselves in a more positive light and encourage people to treat each other and themselves in a kinder manner :) 


Equipment List: Stock Photos from Pexels.com, Camera currently my phone (Moto G4, was Moto G 1st generation until January 2017) one day I'll get a decent camera, but they're so expensive 😫, Lighting is natural from my window, editing software used is picmonkey.com if I edit something. for instance my banner/logo etc (all my photos are untouched apart from to make colours more true to life ☺️. Though I do like playing around with filters on Instagram... It's new and exciting XD )