Student Blogger Directory

Here's a list of every blogger and vlogger that I could find online studying at universities all over the UK and studying all different kinds of subjects. Use a word finder (normally ctrl F/cmd F) to search key words (your course or university) to quickly see if there is someone on this list related to your course or place of study. If you know of someone not on this list, want to correct me if I have something wrong (I sometimes have to rely on the comments section to deduce where someone goes or what they study) or are a blogger that would like to be featured, please email me with your/their name and link to your/their blog or youtube channel (as well as place of study and course) so I can add them. See the contact me page to find my email to send this information to :) This is a work in progress so new things will be added all the time. I am not responsible for the content of these channels and blogs and have added them even if they only have one video on university (it may be just a room tour but these are still helpful).

Click their names to check out their channel/blog.

For a good starting point, watch this VERY USEFUL Q&A Live stream set up by SimonOxfPhys, featuring Jake Wright, Lucy Moon and Florence Schechter 


Oxford: OxVlogs (a continuous series of current students, who are replaced as some graduate if you get my drift, set up by the next guy on my list), SimonOxfPhys (studied Physics at St Peter's College, now at Exeter doing physics PhD), Jamoemills (PPE, Magdalen College), Miss Hanake (Japanese), ViolaHelen (Classics, New College).

Cambridge: Jake Wright (Formerly CambridgeCompSci- studied computer science at Queen's College. Graduated 2015), The Angry Medic (Medicine), IbzMo (Studying Human, Social and Political Science at Wolfson College. Talks a lot about being of an Ethnic Minority and Working Class background at Cambridge).

SOAS: LucyMoon (History, graduated 2016)

Birmingham: Hannah Witton (history video here: fun fact, this was shown at Birmingham's History open day talk a few years ago.)

Exeter: SimonOxPhys (Physics PhD), IronyCompleted (english lit(?)), Poppy Barr (Psychology), hollymixture (Geography), Jenny Welsh (youtube) Jenny Welsh (blog),

Manchester Met : JDRMakeUp (Business management), Patricia Bright (Accounting- the university is according to commenters so I may be wrong)

Surrey: StreetorVintage (Economics.)

Southampton: TheKingBeth (Maths)

Lancaster: THATSKATE (Law and Politics)

Brighton: Megan Jane (Graphic Design), Tiny Reads (Art)

Sussex: HeyAmyJane (philosophy)

Pharmacy: TheBelloSisters

Reading: Hawa SonEltoria

Hertfordshire: Words With Whit 

Plymouth: Fair Fran (law)

Kent: Live from Layfield (Pharmacy), Emily Lui (film), Tréy'an Adjei (sociology)

LSE: Lizzie Loves (Sociology), FleurdeForce (Geography- did a uni video 4+ years ago that was interesting), Channon Gray (Anthropology)

Southampton Solent: Phoebe Slee (MakeUp Design), Alarah (television and video production- I think, on a comment someone mentioned Solent and that's the only Solent university I know of haha)

Durham: BeautybyKat08 (Law, did a year abroad at the University of British Colombia, Canada)

Queen Mary: Lucy Wood (English lit)

Leeds: Charlotte Farthing (medicine- I got the uni from other people's comments on one of her videos so I may be wrong)

DeMontford: thesophodiaries (English)

Lincoln: Alice Thorpe (Media Production), Sophie x (Animation), 

Edinburgh: SunBeamsJess (English)

Imperial College London: The Angry Medic (Medicine), Jaimie (medicine), Aurora (biology)

St Andrews: Inside St Andrews (multiple authors)


Warwick: Mikai Mcdermott


Bath: Lee Stone (Computer Science with Mathematics), Hayley (Natural Sciences)

UEA: ChimChim781Miwa Uno (Adult Nursing), Dots above the E

Anglia Ruskin: Aji Jagne (Performing Arts), Room 334 (English Language and Linguistics) 

Bishop Grosseteste: JustGeorgeJ (Drama in the Community)

Newcastle: Dr Charles (Medicine)

Nottingham Trent: Dan (Fine Art)

Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh: Catherine Graham (Veterinary Medicine)

Glasgow: Sammi (biology)

London South Bank: Student Radiographer (Radiography)

Westminster: Two PR Girls (PR)

Essex: Studential (Maths)

Unknown Uni: Lydia Healey (Crime and Investigative Studies), Internal-Optimist (medicine and junior doctor), MsRosieBea (Fashion Design)

Unknown uni or course (if you know tell me so I can add it to the main list) but these people have done quite a few uni videos you may find helpful: ABBIEmily Steele